Εμφάνιση του μοναδικού αποτελέσματος

  • Τρόλεϊ Υδραυλικό, Γερανός (Παλάγκο)

    <p style="text-align: justify;">Industrial cranes called trolley hydraulic cranes employ hydraulic systems to lift and transport huge objects. They have a trolley with hydraulic motors that travels along a fixed beam and enables smooth and accurate horizontal movement. These cranes are frequently employed in the building, manufacturing, and shipping sectors for operations including large cargo loading and unloading, raw material handling, and heavy machinery assembly. Trolley hydraulic cranes are a common option for heavy-duty lifting applications because of the hydraulic system's dependability and efficiency. They are adaptable and extremely effective instruments for material handling since they are simple to manipulate and can be altered to accommodate various weights.</p> <ul> <li>Βάρος ανύψωσης: 500 κιλά</li> <li>Ύψος ανύψωσης: 2355 mm</li> <li>Βάρος: 75 kg</li> </ul>
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