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  • R7000D-3

    Rato Gasoline Generator 6.8KVA – R7000D-3

    • Day Rate

    <p style="text-align: justify;">Discover the ultimate power solution with the Rato Gasoline Generator 6.8KVA - R7000D-3. Its robust design and advanced technology ensure reliable performance in various applications. With a 6.8KVA capacity, this generator provides ample power for homes, job sites, and events. The efficient engine guarantees prolonged operation, while its user-friendly control panel and durable construction make it an excellent investment. Whether you need backup power or a dependable source for your projects, the Rato Gasoline Generator delivers unwavering performance. Experience its capabilities firsthand and enjoy peace of mind with a reliable power backup.</p> <ul> <li>Max KVA: 6.8KVA</li> <li>Καύσιμο: Βενζίνη</li> <li>Electronic Starter</li> <li>Wheels & Handles</li> </ul>
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