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  • Actuated Fastening Nail Gun

    Actuated Fastening Nail Gun

    <p style="text-align: justify;">Hilti's direct fastening tool is a powerful and reliable device designed for attaching a range of materials to concrete and steel. It uses a proprietary powder-actuated system that allows for fast and precise fastening without the need for pre-drilling or anchor setting. The tool has a semi-automatic piston return that helps speed up the fastening process and a comfortable grip that reduces operator fatigue during extended use. Additionally, the device has a built-in cleaning system that helps ensure consistent performance and a low-maintenance design that reduces downtime. With its combination of speed, accuracy, and ease of use, this direct fastening tool is an ideal choice for professionals who require a reliable and efficient method of attaching materials to concrete and steel.</p> <ul> <li>Fastener Intake: 10 nails</li> <li>Power (max.): 325 J</li> <li>Fastener length range: 2.50 cm - 7.20 cm</li> <li>Weight: 3.5 Kg</li> </ul>
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