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  • Water Pump

    Tsurumi Water Pump Electric

    <p style="text-align: justify;">A high-performance, durable, and reliable submersible pump designed for a variety of applications. This versatile pump is perfect for draining basements, pools, and construction sites, as well as handling wastewater and sewage. With its powerful 1 HP motor, the Pump delivers an impressive flow rate of up to 14300 L per hour, ensuring efficient water removal. The pump's robust construction, featuring a stainless steel casing and double mechanical seals, guarantees long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. Experience the convenience of a user-friendly manual operation and the peace of mind that comes with Tsurumi's commitment to quality.</p> <ul> <li>Motor Output: 1 HP</li> <li>Continuous Running Water Level: 3.5 in</li> <li>Weight: 22 Kg</li> </ul>
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