Wacker Neuson

With the founding of a forge workshop in Dresden, Germany, in 1848, Johann Christian Wacker laid the cornerstone for a business that continually developed for centuries and revolutionized the construction industry more than once: Wacker Neuson.

The spirit of invention and the power of innovation were formative from the beginning onward for the history of the business. In 1930, Hermann Wacker invented the world’s first electric rammer. Over 200 patents and utility models followed and found their way successfully onto the market.

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    Plate Compactors 35cm

    <p style="text-align: justify;">A vibration plate or "power plate" is an exercise machine that vibrates at a very fast speed, sending vibrations throughout the entire body. Power plates work by stimulating muscle groups at a much faster rate than usual.</p> <ul> <li>Shoe size (WxL) 330 mm x 60 mm</li> <li>Engine: Honda GX160</li> <li>Engine type: Gasoline</li> <li>Vibrations: 5.880 1/min</li> <li>Surface capacity: 533 m2/h</li> </ul>
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