Blackrock Mini 140 Welder Machine Inverter

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MMA inverter welding from the manufacturer Blackrock, where the inverter technology enhances the performance and durability of the machine and contributes to the reduction of its weight. The MMA electrode method creates thick and strong welds without the need for an external gas supply, making it ideal for welding outside the lab. It can run for 8 minutes continuously at 140A before having to stop to cool down. So you may need more time to melt the thicker wires and make more passes on the thick solders due to the low maximum Amps it supports. It is easily transported as it weighs 2.1kg.

  • Electrode tweezers 200Αmp
  • Grounding body 300Amp with 2m cable
  • Mask
  • Brush

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Output current

20 – 140A

Rated voltage – freguency

230V – 50Hz


2.10 Kg

Additional information

Weight 2,10 kg
Dimensions 185 × 270 × 200 cm

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